Choose A Nikon D5000 For Great Digital Photos

Choose A Nikon D5000 For Great Digital Photos

No longer must amateur photographers choose between the convenience of a digital camera and the quality of a thirty five millimeter SLR camera. Choose a Nikon D500 and you can have the convenience of both.

For the price, this is a great quality digital camera which offers the best of both worlds. It is capable of taking four frames per second and gives 12. 3 megapixel photographs. In addition, the camera can be used in video mode to record short video clips.

Nikon has built nineteen different auto-exposure modes into this powerful but compact digital camera. This allows you to shoot pictures in all sorts of lighting conditions from full sun to candle light.

You can even add a GPS unit to the camera to record both longitude and latitude on each photo you take. A time stamp as from the satellite is also recorded so that location and time are both included on the photo.

The camera offers editing of the digital shots on the camera screen. If

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