PIXEL T3/DC0 Wired Timer Shutter Release Remote Control For Nikon DSLR camera D800 D810 D1 D2 D700

Pixel T3/DC0 Wired Timer Remote Shutter Release Control for select Nikon, Fhjifilm & Kodak: DCS-14n cameras with Low Power Consumption LCD Screen

  • Multi-Function:As the camera shutter switch,T3 wired timer remote control integrates wired timer and wired shutter functions, offering double option and capturing the wonderful moment and include 4 Types of Shutter Functions and 6 Kinds of Timer Functions.
  • Timer And Shutter Are Conbined:Wired Timer function and Wired Shutter function are conbined.With two Choise,it can be used as Wired Shutter in the off power situation.
  • Easy to carry: Ultra-light design of 65g and low power consumption,long standby time
  • Time setting and exposure counting:Set camera shooting mode as BULB, then set single shooting. (1)DELAY:Set the time you want before schedule. (2) LONG: Set the BULB exposure time you want (3) INTVL: Set interval time (4) N1: Set the number of shots you want (5) REPEAT : Set the time you want to repeat N1 (6) N2: Set the times you want you repeat N1. N2:"- -"means repeat the N1 for limitless times.
  • T3/DC0 Compatible with: 1. Nikon: D800, D810, D700, D500, D300, D200, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D4S, D90s, F5, F6, F90, F90X; 2. Fujifilm: S5 Pro, S3 Pro; 3. Kodak: DCS-14 l
T3 Wired Timer Remote Control is a product with interchangeable cable.
It can compatible with cameras with different brands by changing different connecting cable.
It can single shoot, continuous shoot, Bulb shoot, delay shoot and customized timer plan shoot.
Equipped with low-power consumption LCD display, it is clear at a glance and simple.
It is indispensable for shooting starry sky, night view and views need long time exposure.

Type: Wired control
Standby time: 3 years
Volume: 146mmX40mmX19mm
Battery: AAA X 2 ( 3V)
Weight (net): 65 grams

Package Contents:
>T3 Timer Remote Controller 1
>Shutter Connecting Cable X 1
>User Manual X 1
>Note: Package no

List Price: $ 19.28 Price: $ 19.28

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