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Bright Greens with Pink Blossom Tips – Details Best Viewed Large
tips digital camera
Image by Crystal Writer
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One of fifty-one new designs I captured from inside one of my real kaleidoscope. This particular scope uses light from the side which reflects through colored glass into pieces of glass and jewels floating in oil. It also has a black bottom and black sides so the light actually illuminates the inside items like neon. I believe this one has some reflection from the yellow surface to the light source.

Two negatives do make a positive!
tips digital camera
Image by whatsthatpicture
Using a cameraphone to view negatives …

I’ve been meaning to write this trick up as a mini tutorial, but for now this little example will have to do.

Occassionally I’ll be looking at a negative and want to get a quick feel for what it looks like. In the case of the image here, it was brought in by a visitor to the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show where I was working dating old photographs.

The trick is simple: on your cameraphone (or on most ‘point and shoot’ digital cameras) put the camera in ‘negative’ mode. This is often found in the ‘options’ or ‘effects’ menu. You’ll see that the hand and all background objects (including the white sheet of paper it is being viewed against) now look odd, but the image itself is good enough for viewing.

Sankt Dionys, Saint -Denis, Dionysius, San Dionigi, Dionisio, Dionizy, Dionis, Denis . Esslingen Stadtkirche, market. Markttag – with reflexions – Alta-Lux enhancement by IRFAN, Plug-in.
tips digital camera
Image by eagle1effi
former part of Saint-Denis, Île-de-France, Paris – an important bendictine monastery. Saint Fulrad(e) was abbot ( from 750 ) and a counselor of three Frankish rulers: Pepin, Carloman and Charlemagne. He also served as grand- almoner and ambassador. The importance of this person may be bigger then we know up today. Pepin, the Pope Stephan II. and Fulrad were best friends and decided about the future, the political Europe and the Christianization.

market-place, Esslingen, Germany –
this town is an
"El Dorado" for markets in every atmosphere and offers traditionally high quality and level during the year.
Garden Days, Asparagus market, flea market, light market, crafts market, Christmas market,
folding bike and bicycle accessories market, Children’s flea market, honey market, Tea and Spices market, . . .
antique market, night lights market, ceramics market, ( so called "Hafen"-markt ) .
Places / Germany / Baden-Wurttemberg / Esslingen/ Ezelinga

since 800 this town received market rights from the Charlemagne*, aka Charles the Great,Carlomango, Karolus Magnus , Karl der Große.
(* " Charles I. "
At this time his reign was as great as the whole center of Europe – he can be called the Father of EUROPE )

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